Curl-ture Feature: Hussein Daud Ahmed Ali

Different Strand: Hussein Daud Ahmed Ali

“The best thing about being natural is that I am being exactly who I am and that I am appreciating myself for who I am. And I also love how it has a statement. And that statement is  “I am black and I am proud”….” Hussein Daud Ahmed Ali


Meet our first male Curl-ture feature, Hussein Daud Ahmed Ali. Hussein has been rocking his fro for over a year and a half. We don’t know about you ladies, but we were all having some hair envy going through his photos. We love his simple regimen which just goes to show that natural hair does not need to be complicated! If you have any tips regarding breakage and dandruff, please share with him in the comments box. So sit back and enjoy as he shares his journey….

Where are you from/What is your background?

I am from Somali. I was born in Mogadishu and grew up in Kenya for 3 and half years. Now I reside in Sydney, Australia and have been here for 19 years! I can trace my lineage to a tribe that is native to Somalia. The native tribe/clan in Somalia is called Hawyio which breaks down to a branch called Hawadle and then the closest branch of ancestry to that is the Dhaber Wheyen – and this is only from my fathers side! But I have also found out that I have ancient Persian ancestry. The ancient Persians came to Mogadishu 1500 years ago to trade and they settled in Mogadishu (Mog a di shah) which is in Persian Seat of the shah. Then they bred with the native Somalis. So yeah – that explains my Persian ancestry! My mum is from a native tribe called Darood, which branches off into the Majeertan people.


When did you become natural?

I’ve always been natural. But usually I would just shave my head on and off. But now I’ve been growing my Afro for 1 year and 7 months!

What is your current regimen?

My current regiment includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tressemme conditioner, regular shampoo and Blue Magic Hair Food!


Where do you get your products from?

I get Blue Magic Hair Food from an African hair salon in Lakemba in Sydney and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil  and Tressemme conditioner from Woolworths.

What is the one product you cannot live without?

Tressemme Conditioner.

What difficulties have you faced being natural?

My male family members telling me to cut my hair because its “nappy”! But other than that, I get a lot of dandruff and breakage, and I don’t know what to do!


What is the best thing about being natural?

The best thing about being natural is I am being exactly who I am and that I am appreciating myself for who I am. And I also love how it has a statement. And that is “I’m black and I’m Proud!” because I am black and proud!

Do you have any tips for men who embrace their natural Afro’s?

Listen to people like Malcolm X and many of the African scholars out there such as Asa Gillard and Dr Henry Clarke and familiarise yourself with the many ancient black civilisations! Know that the black man and woman currently has amnesia. We have forgotten our contributions in Meso America with the Olmes civilisation, the ancient Asian civilisations in Cambodia and the many in Africa such as the Songhai in West Africa, Monomotapa in modern day Zimbabwe, Timbuktu in West Africa and the Kush, Kemet, Abyssinia, Axum and Khemet in the Eastern and Northern parts of Africa. We need to realise that there are many black people all over the world such as in Fiji and Papua New Guinea that have the same texture of hair as us. So basically, in a nut shell, self upliftment and education and self esteem needs to be established, then one can easily see the glory of having natural hair! It’s all about upliftment and pride!





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