Where do I buy the products I need to care for my natural hair?

One of the major issues most curly and kinky ladies face when going natural in Australia is finding products to care for their hair. Now let’s face it, many online black hair stores do not yet ship to Australia and when they do they take weeks sometimes months to ship the product over. By that time, you have walked into the nearest supermarket or chemist and bought a shampoo made for “Frizzy” hair telling yourself it’s just an “ interim” solution. When your “real” natural hair products come you will finally be able to “shea butter” and “coconut oil” (note I’m using these as verbs here) your crown to the max.

Now shipping isn’t the only issue, price is too…. Regular shampoos and conditioners that you find at your local chemist cost $4 to $10 and maybe if you go for something a little more special $12. When it comes to buying shampoos, conditioners and other products for Afro/curly/kinky texture hair the price ranges from $20 upwards (sometimes up to $40 per bottle) and that’s not including shipping or the bus fare to a specific African shop in a faraway suburb to find the product you need.

Those with friends or family in America or Europe and Africa get “care packages” with these precious hair care products but these are few and far between. I mean, why can’t we just have a Sally’s at every major mall in Australia?   Many ladies would happily leave the chemical relaxers behind and “work” their fabulous natural hair.

Well, ladies, there’s hope!

A few websites and stores provide these much-needed products and some are at many Australian malls, you just have to look and you’ll find them. Below are 4 stores (online or not) we recommend:

1.  Healthy Life


“Healthy Life is Australia’s leading national health food franchise with over 90 stores nationally. ” –

Healthy life

My score:  7.5 out of 10

What you will find here:  Organic Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Certified Organic Jojoba Oil and other oils e.g. macadamia oils.

Shipping  time: No shipping time – you just walk into the shop and pick your product and walk out with it.  With over 90 stores nationally you are sure to find it in an area near you. (http://www.healthylife.net.au/Store_Listing.asp)

Pricing: Pricing ranges from $10 – $35 depending on products and size – Not the absolute cheapest place to buy the products but convenient.

Range: Had a good collection of oils and other health foods and in some stores you may be lucky enough to get  more specific products like Shea butter.

2.  iHerb.com


“iHerb sells nutritional supplements and other healthy products both domestically and internationally. iHerb carries one of the largest selections of high – quality nutritional products in the world.” –


My score:  8.5 out of 10

What you will find here:  Absolutely anything you need for natural hair!.. okay maybe not EVERYTHING, but most products. This site stocks most seed & nut oils, Shea butter, essential oils, and health supplements & vitamins for healthy hair!

Shipping  time: This website is based in the US so shipping does take a while. I ordered a package which arrived 3 and half weeks after my order was placed. So if you do go ahead and get products from here – PLAN AHEAD! :)

(Hint: chose the Global Priority Mail by DHL shipping option as it is the most cost-effective and is a flat rate! …and if you buy products worth over $40 you get $10 off if you use our promo code: PZM297)

Pricing: I bought Sweet Almond Oil, Organic, Coconut Oil , Jojoba Oil and Shea butter from this site all for $33 .11 including shipping!…  Four products for $33.11.WHAT A BARGAIN!!!

Range: Had an excellent collection of oils and other health foods including various brands to compare for each product. The products are also well labelled and give a clear indication of their benefits. (plus you can read the back of the label of each product on the website so you know what you are getting!)

3. Strawberrynet


“Shop online with free worldwide shipping for discount perfume, fragrances, cologne, cosmetics, skin care and hair care”


My score:  8 out of 10

What you will find here: Neo loves this website! You will find various hair brands tailored to different hair types (not just kinky curly girls)…  as well as makeup, skin care, and perfume. However they do not have a wide range of kinky/Curly brands like the Curly Emporium.

Shipping  time: Take up to a week depending on the products ordered (3-4 working days). it is an Australian  based company and shipping is FREE.

(Hint: Every new customer that orders with them gets a free gift.. YAAY! – FREE stuff!!!!)

Pricing: Prices are a little high  compared to other stores and compared to purchasing the same product in the US.

Range: Good range of products  including skin care, makeup and other needs however if you are looking just for natural hair products only it only stocks a few key brands! (i.e. Carols daughter, Macadamia Natural Oil etc)

4. Curly Emporium


“Conditioners · Rinse-Out Conditioners · Leave-In Conditioners · Curly Hair Intensive Treatments · Moisturisers · Bath & Body Treats! Gorgeous Oils and Butters.”

Curly Emporium

My score:  7.5 out of 10

What you will find here:  All the brands we know and love for curly ladies!… From Shea- Moisture to Kinky-curly and Mixed Chicks to African pride. This is for the ladies who like their hair products to come packaged and ready to use. No need to mix oils together and whipping Shea butters!…

Shipping  time: This website is based in the UK so shipping may take a while. They use a courier which requires a signature on delivery. On average for 4 products it will cost  about £20 .00 (AUD $ 33.75).

(Hint: Please use a work address where possible as a signature will be required.)

Pricing: All pricing is in British Pounds and so the cost varies depending on the exchange rate. On average for four products prices range from £24 (AUD $ 40) to £ 100 (AUD $168 ) in total.

Range: Had an excellent collection of natural hair brands and products that are packaged and ready to use. The website is easy to navigate and visually appealing.

If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment below…

Also look out for CURL-tured products coming soon!…

~Affordable – Effective  –  Healthy – Easy to use – All Natural/Organic  ~

These are natural hair products made for Naturals by Naturals!! 



12 thoughts on “Where do I buy the products I need to care for my natural hair?

  1. Thank you!!! I am about to take out my braids (worn for 2 months) and was looking to get some good products as I am planning on starting a proper hair regimen. This really helps, I’ll go to the sites and check them out.

  2. curlmart.com is also a fantastic online store to buy natural hair products.
    PRO- they’ve got a wonderful wide range variety of products for us naturals and ship to over 240 countries. They are an american based store so shipping may take a whillle.
    CON- shipping is quite expensive! and you may have to pay brokerage fees or carrier fees on top of shipping.

  3. WHere do I buy Profectiv root stimulator? the green gooey one. It has an elasticity that held my frizzy curls together and really defined them without any frizz. Have not seen it lately. Not even on the Sally website. So WHERE is this life saver? Im wanting to take out my braids and go natural without the frizz. It kept my curls defined, but full and bouncing, not stiff, not oily.

  4. I really need help, my hair does not grow, it luck good teacher. How can I help myself. Please need your help girls, how to grow hair and how to curly it.

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