Do you know your hair type….?

So, do you know what your hair type is? Some people do not like their hair being put into a box and therefore do not follow the hair typing system. The most popular hair typing system for curlies was developed by Oprah Winfrey’s hairstylist, Andre Walker. He classified hair into four main categories: Straight – Type 1, Wavy – Type 2, Curly – Type 3 andKinky – Type 4. These were then defined into subcategories a, b and c.

Curl codes

Curl codes

It can be useful for people to know what their hair type is for the following reasons:

  • It helps to determine which hairstyles your hair can pull off (with ease);
  • It can assist you to determine what products will work better for your hair; and
  • It can also be useful to compare your regimen with other people with similar hairtypes.

hair tupe chart

Most blogs refer to hair types when talking about different ways to look after your hair so its good to have an idea of what your hair type is. Knowing that I have 4c hair has been helpful for me in determining the products that are good for me (shea butter, water to moisturise and a variety of oils) has taught me that protective styling helps to retain the length of my hair (4c is fragile and prone to breakage) and that I just can’t wash and go (without consequences).

hair-type-chart copy

For more information on hair typing, read this article at Curly Nikki:

So what’s your hair type and how  does that influence how you look after it?

One thought on “Do you know your hair type….?

  1. Learning about my 4c hair type has DEFINITELY helped me…after letting stylists tell me that “all hair can stand up to flat ironing and doesn’t need oil because it produces it’s own natural oils”…and letting her flat iron my hair in 15-20 passes, and within 2 hours my ends are white and split….I never will again! I moisturize twice daily and haven’t used a flat iron yet since I’ve gone natural…then again I only have 3 inches of new growth. It’s tiring at times but we’ll worth the growth and no breakage.

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