LET’S TALK HAIR: 5 reasons why I went Natural?

My name is Wangari. I am a Kenyan living in Australia. I have been natural for almost 4 years now and I’m pretty sure ditching chemical relaxers is one of the best decisions I ever made.

I’ve talked to a few of my natural hair sisters out there and each person has an inspiring story as to why they went natural. For some it’s to do with accepting their identity, while for others it’s purely cosmetic.

For me it’s a bit of a mix of everything… So below are 5 reasons why I went Natural:

1. Healthy hair and scalp

I finally accepted that the chemicals I put in my hair to straighten it were toxic and unhealthy the longer I kept using them.

I asked myself “why do I chemically relax my hair”? Is it because I like the silky, easy to comb shiny hair texture? Or because it’s what everyone did to make their hair “more manageable”? (I’ve heard that excuse plenty of times).

I soon realized that my hair could be shiny and manageable too, if I took good care of it without the relaxer. I noticed my hair grow thicker, healthier and my scalp was not as dry as it was before.

I slowly transitioned without a big chop and could clearly see the difference in my new natural hair growth.

Before Transitioning

After Transitioning ... (Hair slightly Blow-dried)
After Transitioning … (Hair slightly Blow-dried)

2. Unique (and Different ) Beautiful Hair

If you live in Sydney, Australia you probably have already discovered that there aren’t too many hair saloons that cater to natural hair. You either relax you hair, get a weave/wig or get braids which cost way too much.

I found that when I was a) tired of weaves, b) on a budget, c) trying to reduce the chemicals used in my hair, I would leave my natural hair out in a quick “wash, moisturize and go routine” and I would get the most compliments on how beautiful and unique my hair was. I like the fact that I was different, that my hair was unique and that it intrigued people around me. So I made it a point to wear my hair out more often.

learning to style my new crown..

3. Budget Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, it is more budget friendly to have natural hair depending on your regimen…

Natural hair grows best when there is minimal work done to it.  All I need is my natural hair oil mix, my co-wash conditioner, a great detangler and a wide tooth comb. I have found that because I do not have to go for a retouch every couple of months or treatments every so often or a weekly wash and set,  I have been able to save some money. Also because I do everything myself at home, I save spending time and money at saloons.

NB: This varies for different people depending on your natural hair regimen.

4. Versatility of the hair

There are so many different hair styles I can achieve with my new full hair…. From a Janelle Monae inspired up –do to two strand twists and high buns. (more to come on this… watch this space)

Out and About
Out and About!

5. Lack of professional hair care services

I found that there were not many professional saloons that catered to my hair type and so I learnt to manage my hair myself.  I learnt through blogs, on YouTube and books.  Having no experience using chemical relaxer, I decided not to experiment on my hair using chemical relaxers but instead use natural products to maintain my hair.

We would love to hear the reasons why you went natural….

Loving my natural hair!
Loving my natural hair!



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6 thoughts on “LET’S TALK HAIR: 5 reasons why I went Natural?

  1. Excited to find your blog. I’m an all natural Kenyan coming to Australia in a couple of months too! Thanks for sharing – and looking forward to reading more on your natural hair journey! Peace and Love, Wandia x

  2. My oh my Wangari!!!! your hair has grown…and it looks beautiful :) you’re actually the person who inspired me to make the cut and go natural again :)

    I love the blog too :)
    Love :)
    Wambaire :)

  3. Hey Wambaire… I love it!!! So glad you joined the natural movement too… I’m sure you look fabulous… and cant wait to see all the amazing milestones in your natural hair journey… Please share with us when you can… :) Hope you are well.


  4. Hello! Thanks for your blog. I went natural mainly because
    1) a medication I was taking caused my hair to fall out at the root and was thinning badly…I remember the last time I visited the salon, my hair was coming out in clumps in my stylists hands and the panicked look on her face, thinking she had done something wrong after the new deep condition.
    2) My husband complained about me constantly cutting my hair or clipping my ends because even using a flat iron ONCE made my hair split and break.

    Even on the medication my hair is still thinning, but not nearly as bad! I added more protein to my diet, and a multivitamin, massage my scalp and moisturize twice daily, and now my natural 4c hair is so thick that I threw thinning out the window. I can’t wait until it’s long enough to blow in the wind!

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