WHATS UP: Origins of the Afro Comb

In our “What’s Up! Segment we cover events and exhibitions around the world focusing on topics related to Natural hair.

Our first must see event for those in the Cambridge,UK is:

“Origins of the Afro Comb”…. 

This exhibition focuses of Afro Combs, their uses, and their rich history.

“In many African societies, ancient and modern, the hair comb symbolises status, group affiliation, and religious beliefs, and is encoded with ritual properties. The handles of combs are decorated with objects of status, such as the headrest, human figures, and motifs that reference nature and the traditional spiritual world.” 

Quoted from: http://www.originsoftheafrocomb.co.uk/project/







All images source from http://www.originsoftheafrocomb.co.uk/blog/

For more information about this exhibition visit:  http://www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/whatson/exhibitions/article.html?3840


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