After the BIG CHOP!!

So you have just big chopped and you hate it? Now what?


First of all, before you go reaching for that relaxer get yourself to the kitchen and make yourself a cuppa and take a deep breath! It gets better….it really does. You will learn to love you hair including its texture and the many styles that you will be able to rock. You will. Trust me.

But before all of that happens, lets get through this stage right now where you are regretting your decision to big chop. Here are some tips to hopefully help you get through it.

  • Whenever you are having second thoughts, remember why you cut off all your hair in the first place. Was your hair in an unhealthy state? Was it part of an overall health journey? I cut off my hair because my hairline was a disaster. I had lost a lot of hair and my hair was very thin and lifeless. I have photos of my hair at this stage that I used to look at during this time to remind me why I had big chopped. They really helped me during the early stages of my journey.

  • Be patient your hair will grow. As one of my friends always says, you are growing good quality hair so you must be patient!

  • You know what they say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step so have short term and long term hair goals. The short term goals for me were just to have healthy hair again and look after my hairline and bring it back to life. The long term goal was to grow my hair into an awesome fro of course! Concentrating on my short term goals helped to distract me from my long term goals and so I did not think too much of my hair length.

  • Get a protective style. This can be in the form of braids for example. This helped me to get through the first couple of months after my big chop and helped to build my confidence. Everyone is different. I needed to do that at that stage before I confidently rocked my short hair in public. Don’t keep it in for too long though, because you are missing out on the easiest part of your hair journey. Your hair is super low maintenance at that stage.  You are also missing an opportunity to learn about your new hair.

  • It is fine to feel emotional after you do the big chop. Do not feel guilty if you do not embrace your new hair immediately. Everyone is different and you may need time and that’s fine. Do what you need to do to get through this stage (except reaching for that relaxer of course).

After the shock will come the pride of what you have just done and with that, the confidence. So like I sad it does get better. You will learn to love your hair to and accept it as an extension of you!



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